Buying chicken gizzards, you have to pay attention to the production date. These byproducts should not be stored more than 2 days chilled.

Preparation of chicken gizzards

Some Housewives do not like to cook chicken gizzards because of the inherent characteristic flavor. It can be completely, properly preparing the product for cooking.

Untreated stomachs should be cut and removed from their sand and pebbles. The interior of the ventricles covered with a thick yellow film. It should be gently removed. You should also remove any fat accumulation on the outside of the product.

Cleaned chicken gizzards washed in running water. Boil them whole or cut into several parts. As a by-product consists of a thick muscle, boil gizzards need long, achieving a soft consistency. So for dishes with stewed or roasted stomachs we recommend that you first boil the offal until cooked.

The duration of cooking young stomachs will be only 40 minutes old will take 2 times more time. If you use a pressure cooker, stomachs are boiled much faster. You can add to the pot the Bay leaf, parsley root, dried dill, onions, and any other favorite seasonings and spices.

How to cook chicken gizzards

Cleaned and washed chicken gizzards are boiled in salted water until soft. Removed stomachs with a slotted spoon and then used for cooking a variety of dishes. Especially popular are braised offal.

In a hot pan in vegetable oil fry finely chopped onions. You can optionally add to the pan grated on a coarse grater carrots. To the fried vegetables add the boiled stomachs and a couple of spoons of sour cream, mayonnaise or tomato paste. Continue to simmer the ingredients for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

The finished dish of chicken stomachs decorated with fresh greens. When cooking use favorite spices. Chicken gizzards absorb the aroma and flavor of spices. As a garnish you can use potatoes, cereals, pasta.

You can do it without pre-boiling stomachs. In this case, the cooking takes at least an hour. Simmer the ingredients have to full readiness of meat by-product. In the cooking process will always have to add water to the pan.