Advice 1: How to remove poplar

A few decades ago cities of Russia began intensively to SELENATES. It was useful for the urban environment, because in every town there were factories and enterprises, ports, the atmosphere of harmful emissions. For landscaping along roads, in parks and gardens was planted the most undemanding trees, poplars, birches, maples. Time passed, and today some of the trees become dangerous to others. For example, poplar.
How to remove poplar
If old poplar growing in your yard and prevents or threatens the life and well-being of people go to your property management or housing management organization and send a request for a cutting of a tree. The trees located closer than 3 m from the building are subject to cutting down. If Topol is on, write the request to cutting the tree at city hall, collect signatures on the agreement and take them to the city administration.
Poplar that cover the light in your apartment to cut down will not, but you can require trimming, and this will be done annually. For extension of such requirements will invite a Commission from ZHEU, which will make the act in any form that the tree really covers more than 60% of the Windows, and draw 3-5 pictures out the window.
If poplar is growing on your plot, get rid of it together with the root system. How to advise Amateur gardeners, it is necessary to water the tree with a strong solution of salt, until it dies. Then cutting the trunk, and the stump wikicite.
Please note that self-cut greenery is strictly prohibited, moreover, such actions fall under article of the administrative code and punished with fines.
Get rid of all traces of sticky poplar buds on the polished surface of the car with a soft cloth and white spirit. Also help regular car Polish. Apply for traces of poplar buds, then after a few minutes, wipe the machine. Well proven and the following mixture: milk plus any chlorinated powder plus catalyst corrosion. Apply the mixture on a rag, wipe the soiled areas. Then treat them with car Polish.
Poplar admirably with harmful substances in urban air, but they have a lot of disadvantages.

First, the poplar fluff. From it can not escape, it's everywhere! On the streets, in buildings, in public transport, etc. Asthmatics and Allergy sufferers this time of year I try not to go out. Besides, poplar fluff is wonderful burn that becomes an additional source of fire hazard.

Second, many of the poplar was dry and pose a threat to people during strong wind or thunderstorms. Heavy branches fall and injure people and cars. Palomillas and falling poplar destroying homes. In addition, many tall trees have sprouted crown through power lines and cause breaks and short circuits.

Thirdly, sticky poplar buds stain your clothes, stick to shoes. Many complain about them and motorists, they spoil the car coverage.

For these reasons, recently, poplar trees everywhere cut down.

Advice 2 : How to wash a car from poplar kidneys

While your car is in the yard, sticky poplar buds have time to fall on its surface. Yellow sticky traces of kidney is not so easy to fix, but possible if you use the special tools to do so.
How to wash a car from poplar kidneys
With the beginning of the spring season, many owners are starting to get suspicious. And no wonder, because this is the time of year comes a problem such as the fall of the poplar buds. What is so scary is a natural phenomenon? In fact, in poplar buds contains the resin which enters into a chemical reaction with an external surface cars.

The main problem with poplar buds

If problems like dirt, dust and bird droppings can be solved by using a damp cloth, to remove yellow stains from the buds of trees is not so easy. And in terms of restrictions of Parking spaces and certainly not to avoid this problem.

If your car is dark color, the stains are not as noticeable. However, if the machine is bright, nasty traces of the kidneys are obviously going to attract attention. Professional car washing is generally recommended as soon as possible to eliminate such manifestations, as fresh tracks can be removed, but it is difficult, but more Mature consequences – is almost impossible.

Of course, you can turn to professionals, they are over a certain amount will cope with this task easily, because they have special equipment and tools. But the best and easiest way to get rid of stains with their hands, moreover at a minimum cost.

How to remove traces from the kidneys

There is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the Topol – special nanocosmetics for cars. It can help to protect the external coating machine for a period of 6 months to 2 years. It is very convenient, but this procedure will cost you dearly.

Easier and cheaper to use special tools, with which you can easily remove the effects of poplar buds. As a rule, shampoos, aerosols, cleaning agents for the motor.

But the most effective means are the following:

- solvents;
- based cleaner white spirit and kerosene;
- means for purification of the body;
- special tools for removal of poplar buds;
- means for removal of insects.

Solvents really struggling with the stains from the kidneys effectively and rapidly, but there is a high probability of damaging the surface of your car. Based cleaner white spirit or kerosene are attracted by its cheapness, but they are ineffective. Cleanse body copes well with fresh stains, but removes old.

Perhaps, the best method is the use of specially designed for these purposes, means, and the means designed to remove insects. It is the substances included in the composition of these tools allows you to cope with traces of poplar buds quickly and harmlessly.
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