If old poplar growing in your yard and prevents or threatens the life and well-being of people go to your property management or housing management organization and send a request for a cutting of a tree. The trees located closer than 3 m from the building are subject to cutting down. If Topol is on, write the request to cutting the tree at city hall, collect signatures on the agreement and take them to the city administration.
Poplar that cover the light in your apartment to cut down will not, but you can require trimming, and this will be done annually. For extension of such requirements will invite a Commission from ZHEU, which will make the act in any form that the tree really covers more than 60% of the Windows, and draw 3-5 pictures out the window.
If poplar is growing on your plot, get rid of it together with the root system. How to advise Amateur gardeners, it is necessary to water the tree with a strong solution of salt, until it dies. Then cutting the trunk, and the stump wikicite.
Please note that self-cut greenery is strictly prohibited, moreover, such actions fall under article of the administrative code and punished with fines.
Get rid of all traces of sticky poplar buds on the polished surface of the car with a soft cloth and white spirit. Also help regular car Polish. Apply for traces of poplar buds, then after a few minutes, wipe the machine. Well proven and the following mixture: milk plus any chlorinated powder plus catalyst corrosion. Apply the mixture on a rag, wipe the soiled areas. Then treat them with car Polish.