So, Bella, the young heroine of the filmand comes to his father in the misty town of forks, where he meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious young man with big eyes that stunned her with its mystery. These two are attracted to each other with such force that it does not matter that one of the lovers is a vampire and the other a fragile girl who could die at any moment. Dramatic and passionate story is set against the backdrop of dense green forests and mountains, magnificent and matchless scenery of the film.

From Canada to the States

Created these scenes in the United States, namely Oregon and Washington. It is on the border of these two States, in Calama, and is the school in which she met Bella and Edward, and not in forks, and it is called Kalama High School. The house where Bella lived with her father, is in the city of St. Helens – as well as alley, where the beloved Edward were attacked by hooligans. The house in which lived where the Cullens and Edward (as in people!) brings Bella to meet his family, not really one. In every part of "Twilight" it was created again. The first was built in Vancouver, the canadian city known around the world for winter Olympic games 2014. But many natural scenes, the filmmakers chose to shoot in the state of Oregon, around the Portland area, known for its magnificent nature. Connoisseurs of this region may recognize on the screen of Stone Cliff Inn, the terrace at the foot of the cliff. It was there Edward for the first time openly and frighteningly tells Belle the truth about himself, shows the sparkle of your skin. There were shot scenes of hunting for deer.

Near the town of cannon beach, Indian beach is a beach in La push, where in the first part of frolicking teenagers out of school in forks. Edward, as I remember the audience of the Saga to go there refused, but the Indians on the reservation felt on the beach and in the vicinity of the rightful owners.

On the background scenery

The shooting of "Twilight", which took place with such a large geographical scale, is energetic and cheerful, if you believe the press. Connoisseurs of the film noticed in the picture a lot of inconsistencies, to put it simply, blunders, but from this it does not become them less sweet. Fans forgave the authors of "Twilight" and a slight artificiality, and the apparent intervention of a PC what kind of magic without modern technology? The heroes of the film fly and climb to unimaginable heights with the help of cranes, ropes and climbing equipment. Useful these "attributes" and during the scene of baseball game, when the clearing of the Cullens were the real vampires are predators. By the way, their spectacular flying gait was created using simulators "treadmill". But that's another facet of the film that deserve a separate story...