"Complivit" created taking into account peculiarities of the national diet and regenerate the body's deficiency of important vitamins and minerals. It does not contain high doses of micronutrients and is suitable for a course of prophylactic treatment. Used in the production of technology separate pelletizing, which allows to combine vitamins and minerals in a single tablet without compromising the ability of mastering their body.
Tablets is recommended to use once a day, one thing during or after eating, drinking plenty of water for better absorption of the drug. The physician is permitted to increase the dose to two tablets a day. But do this carefully and watch for changes and reactions of your body.
There are also children's shapes "Complivit"-candy for older children and suspension for infants. Vitamin candy can give a child anytime of day, but not more than one item at the reception. For the preparation of suspension in a vial poured the appropriate amount of powder, which before use need to pour the first 2/3 of the bottle with warm water and stir, then fill with water to the brim. Then the contents are mixed and given to the child directly, or added to the food formula or milk.
The range of preparation "Complivit" provides various forms of release and purpose. Vitamins and minerals in it are selected based on sex ("Complivit for women 45+", "Complivit Mama", "Complivit trimestru", "Complivit Siyanie"), age ("alphabet for toddlers", "alphabet for children"), disease ("diabetes alphabet") and lifestyle ("Complivit active", "Complivit anti-stress", "Complivit ophtalmo") of different people.
Instructions for use of energy recommends to use their courses. For the prevention of hypervitaminoses every two to three weeks of use take a break for one to two weeks.
As with any drug health, vitamins "Complivit" there are contraindications. Do not use them with high blood sugar or problems with its absorption in the body. The shell tablets "Complivit" contains fructose, and therefore can cause disorders in patients with these problems. This does not apply to drug "Complivit diabetes," is designed specifically for patients with the presence of or predisposition to the disease.