In this country the sun shines gently and cheerfully, warming with its rays of everyone who lives here permanently or come to rest. Athens, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis can treat its guests with 308 days of sunshine a year. The sun just fills the neighborhood and its warmth fills every cell of a tourist.

Despite this abundance of clear Sunny days, these cities are the leaders by this indicator. Even in Europe there are more Sunny city.

The sunniest city in Europe

Europe has enough cities that could compete for the title of the sun. Rome, Madrid, Valencia, all of them filled with sunlight for most of the year. But there is a town that receives sunlight much more. It is located in the South of Italy called Foggia.

330 days in the sun in this town is normal. So Foggia is the ideal place for all lovers of sunbathing.

Israel is a place for a warm vacation

In the East of the Mediterranean sea is another Sunny place. The country with the largest number of Holy places and monuments that can compete with the Italian champion. Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat will be offering over 330 days of sunshine per year.

Besides the latter, among other things, is a beautiful resort on the red sea coast. What could be better than sun, sea and a sandy beach for lovers of sun holidays.

The solar city

All these cities and countries occupy only lower positions in the rankings of cities with the largest number of Sunny days per year. The primacy belongs to the American cities that are literally drowning in the sunlight.

Phoenix and Yuma is the sunniest in the world. Both of these cities are in Arizona, in the United States. Each of them has an index, equal to almost year round sunshine. Daylight lasts more than 11 hours and no wonder that the climate in these areas is aridity.

Over 350 days of sunshine and so fans of the tan should not get too zealous with your hobby. The sun enough to get a good tan, and if you do not follow the safety rules, you can get a serious burn.

So, while passing through the cities of Champions, one must remember that the sun is fraught not only with warmth and affection, but also of great deceit.