Despite the fact that electric curlers allow you to get about the same effect as usual, there is no need to walk with them for a few hours or write devices for Curling the night. Unlike hot rollers, for heating electric only needs a power outlet at hand. To build a spectacular curls in just 15 minutes.

The nuances of using electric curlers

Before you start using electric rollers, it is necessary to consider that the diameter of the rollers of the fixtures varies. It can vary from 8 to 32 mm, so choose the size of curlers is individually. Traditionally, the stylists suggest to use the rule: the longer the hair, the greater must be the diameter.

Purchase today both aluminium and ceramic electric rollers with different coating types, but their working principles are similar. For heating the curlers, you must connect the set on the stand to a wall outlet for 3-5 minutes. By the way, the kit may include fixtures of different diameters and even size. For your convenience, they have a cylindrical shape. And the larger the diameter Electronique, the larger it turns out the curl.

Curler curls best to pre-wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and then dry your hair with a hair dryer or naturally. As the heat curlers is treated strands with a thermal protection or mousse, foam, styling gel. To wind the hair on electrovoice recommended from the nape and then move on to the strands on the sides.

Beautiful styling with Electronique

Comb the hair while winding the electric curlers you need a comb with a long handle. The bangs curlers are usually put in last. To curl look carefully, you need to wind the strands from the tips towards the roots. In the formation of the hairstyles consider the diameter of the devices. To optimally use a wide the curler to the upper strands, and the small – for individual locks or bangs.

Locking, electric rollers requires special pins that go in the set. They will help to make styling long lasting. If you select the most safe hair curlers, give preference to ceramic devices. To find out, warmed up the set, you can purchase a set with the indicator.

Keep electric curlers, you can and 5 and 15 minutes. It all depends on the effect you want to obtain, the availability of free time. After removing the rollers to fix the curls varnish. You should not comb your hair, shape laying can hands.