Where there are horses?

Horses are much more elaborate than the other mobs in the game. They can perform a number of actions to stand up on its hind legs, thus demonstrating discontent, waving his tail, and eat grass. These animals can only be found on the plains.

Plain — one of the most common biomes in the game. Biomes in Minecraft are called natural area, different landscape, climatic and other features.

Plain is a relatively smooth surface with small hills, covered with tall grass. Very rare on the plains, you could see trees. Here you can find ponds and ravines, in some cases, the surface can leave the canyon, so the plains have to navigate quite carefully. Because of the monotony of the terrain attention is dulled, and you from a great height fall to the bottom of the canyon, which in most cases leads to death.

Search horses on the plain is quite simple. First you need to get around this biome on the perimeter, if you didn't find the animals start to move in a spiral, gradually decreasing circles. If you allow the power of your computer, put in the video settings the high range of rendering, moreover, it is possible to increase the sound level, because horses emit the characteristic cadence, in which you can find them. If this particular plain of horses you have not found, do not worry, find another biome and repeat steps from the beginning.

The domestication of horses

It is advisable to go in search of the horses with a leash or saddle. The saddle can be found in various chests in abandoned mines, fortresses, mines and villages, on their own it can be done. The leash can be created from four strands, and units of mucus. For this you need to put a unit of mucus in the Central cell of the craft (create objects) on the workbench, one thread in the lower-right and lower-left corners and one thread from the top and left of the slime. From one set of components, you get two leads that will allow you to bring home a couple of horses and potentially to reproduce them with Golden apples.

To tame a horse, you need to sit on it, clicking with the right mouse button. Wild horses throw off the player several times, but to be persistent enough, eventually they get it. To control the horse you will need saddle. If you do not use the leash. Note that the reason the condom breaks, if you get away from horses for more than ten blocks, so continually monitor its relative position. With the help of the leash the horse (and other animals) can be tied to the fence, it is enough to click with the right mouse button on the block of the fence holding the leash in his hands.