How to defeat the dragon in Minecraft

To get to the dragon, you must first make a portal to the edge. To the end to find the dragon, you must kill a number of anderov to get them eye. If you throw it, it goes in the right direction.

For the battle with the dragon should be well prepared. It is necessary to skraftit ' strong armor, to manufacture and brew diamond sword, bow and arrows, as well as stock up on food.

To defeat the dragon in Minecraft, you need first to destroy the sources that restores his health. For this you need to destroy the pillars, which are. When the dragon will not be able to improve their health, to kill him would be easy enough, getting into it with arrows.

If you manage to kill the dragon, you will get a large amount of experience and opens a portal through which you can go home. And most importantly - you will find an egg, from which you can make in Minecraft dragon.


How to grow in Minecraft dragon

To dragon you can by posting produced in the world of anderov egg in a warm place. The warmer it is, the faster you will be able to achieve the desired result. To increase the temperature around the egg, you can surround it with lava. Activate the rise of the dragon, click on the egg right-click.


In Minecraft how to train your dragon

Hatched dragon need to be fed fresh fish that you can catch in any body of water using a fishing rod.

Little dragon will always chase you and defend against enemies.

To tame the dragon, you need to install special Minecraft mod Dragon Mount. After installing it you can give the animal the team, treating the bones.

When the dragon grows up, it is possible to make it a driver. To do this you must craft a saddle and put it on the fire-breathing animal.

Some players claim to make a dragon in Minecraft easier - to urge by means of special commands. In practice, however, to do this will only have the owners of the server.