How to fight cellulite

Keep drinking regime. In the summer the body's need for water increases, so the volume of fluid intake should be increased to 2 liters per day to avoid dehydration. Drink drinking water, green tea, mineral water without gas.

Lose weight and eat right.Avoid extreme Express diets. First of all this is stress to the body and the appearance of stretch marks as a result of violation of adaptation to rapid loss of body weight. The abundance of fruits and vegetables in the summer season itself dictates the composition of your daily diet. Exclude thus fat, sweet and flour. Refuse from cigarettes, reduce alcohol, and the beer will forget all.

Actively moving.In itself, the summer is just made for active movement. Walks in the fresh air, running, swimming, picnics, beach games - everything has to be permanent, natural and deliver maximum pleasure.

Contrast shower.Along with pouring cold water after a bath or sauna, a cold shower is also a popular tool in the fight against cellulite. Use a special nozzle and a shower with a powerful jet. An alternative to contrasting soul can be swimming in cool water, followed by rubbing with a towel.

And, you can use little secrets that will help visually to hide the extra pounds and roughness of the skin.

How to hide cellulite

Tan- conceal small irregularities of the skin and makes the figure slimmer. Before going to the beach to sunbathe in the Solarium, at the cottage etc. you can use bronzer, but only if you are able to competently apply it. And remember that the effect of the intense sun the opposite.

Swimsuit.Loose tummy helps to hide swimsuit closed, the more that modern fashion offers sophisticated options, leaving open a large area of the body. To hide the flaws of the hips, use a swimwear with a skirt.

The clothing and accessories.Transparent pareos and tunics of bright fabrics with large pattern securely hide your cellulite from prying eyes, and a wide-brimmed hat will not only cast a shadow, but will give you confidence.

Male psychology.Remember that men perceive women in General, They do not care about the zit on his forehead or moderate cellulite on the thighs. They emphasize major points: hair, waist, breast, nice smiling face, a smooth gait, etc.

Don't focus on your cellulite and learn to enjoy every minute of my life!