Abzakovo is the main centre for fans of extreme speed and rest, which is located on the territory of Bashkiria. Visit trekking, tours are the main entertainment at all latitudes. In winter, the center can collect all the lovers of the ski resort. The fresh air and the adrenaline will be provided. Near the town is a Bath lake is a famous place for high-speed fun on the water.

The main highlight of Bashkiria is the presence of water parks and small parks to relax in. Accommodation in hotels up to 1500 rubles per day. If we talk about another place Pavlovka, it is another popular place for a family holiday tourists.

Pavlovka is a large number of tourist bases. The main occupation is the combination of amazing landscapes to forests, picking herbs and berries, fishing and a good time for a swim. In this place is allowed to take the boat. The price is 1,000 rubles. But this is not the final price all depends on the conditions and demands of the tourist.

The shelter of the mountains called "Iremel" - a favorite place for lovers of mountain heights. Locals continue to visit this place, but to call it a city of Bashkiria is not worth it. It is located in the Chelyabinsk region. All the tourists who wished to visit Iremel, optional excursions are offered on lakes and caves. Accommodation will cost from 2,000 rubles per day. Conditions are based on the price tag.

Kandrykul is a famous national Park which is located near the city of Ufa. Great lakes refers to calm and peaceful rest. In the summer this place has a large number of tourists residents. The cost of stay starts from 1000 rubles. Nugush is a popular reservoir, which is located in the South of Bashkortostan. The rest consists of extreme kinds of water sports.