Picking up a pack of tortillas, the first thing to look at the shelf life and date of manufacture. Well if the expiration date does not exceed one month from the date of manufacture, at least let the period of three months. The dumplings, which according to the manufacturer can be stored for six months or more, largely consist of preservatives and additives.
Make sure that the packaging is full of information about the manufacturer and of course the bar code. The absence of such data testifies to the handicraft manufacture. Study the label, which indicates the documents under which they were made. Choose those that specify or DSTU GOST.
Next, carefully study the composition. In the component list first are those who in the product the most, so it's best to pay attention to the dumplings, where the structures of the test and of meat specified as the enumeration of all the ingredients in one list may allow the manufacturer to conceal the true state of Affairs. Part of the perfect stuffing should consist of two or three kinds of meat, onions and spices. Please note that the vegetable protein in ravioli indicates the presence of Soi, which increases the mass of the product and reduces its price. The maximum amount of soy in the composition of the dumplings should not exceed ten percent. In good dumplings spices listed by name, if provided just the word "spices", it can mean that they are composed of flavors, improvers and flavor enhancers.
The composition of an ideal test should include flour, water and eggs (not egg powder), salt and in some cases vegetable oil. There should be no thickeners, stabilizers and normalizers. If not specified, the water, the dumplings will fall apart to mush.
After studying the label, look at the dumplings, as most packages allow you to do this. Dumplings should be smooth, intact, accurate. Should not be visible cracks and rough edges got out meat. Dumplings can only be white, because gray suggests that they were frozen, and the yellow shade indicates the use of dye.
If the appearance of the dumplings you are satisfied, shake the pack to make sure that the dumplings move in the package individually. If they are stuck together in a lump, so they were defrosted and re-frozen, which is a violation of the conditions of storage products.
Always pay attention to the freezer where you stored the dumplings. The thermometer if it is, should show a minus eighteen degrees, because this temperature is optimal for storage of frozen dumplings.