You will need
    • milk;
    • coriander;
    • black pepper;
    • bouillon cubes;
    • bow;
    • Bay leaf;
    • greens;
    • sour cream;
    • cheese.
Usually the dumplings are molded in large quantities and freeze for future use, and part is cooked immediately. And put them in the freezer at least for some time – so the meat will be more juicy. For these purposes, the kneading of the meat add a little water or milk.
Traditionally, the dumplings are boiled in salted water, but if you put the grains of coriander and black pepper, the flavor will be much better. Alternatively, the water is not salt, and add bouillon cubes, which already contain salt and spice rack.
Prepare a broth from leftover meat that was used for dumplings stuffing, add the onion, black pepper, Bay leaf, other spices to taste and cook it dumplings. You can submit them to the table with broth or without.
The dumplings will be very tender, if the water in which they cooked, pour in some milk or cream. When serving sprinkle finely chopped parsley.
Any vegetable soup can make a hearty, if you add a small amount of dumplings at the end of cooking.
The dumplings go well with mushrooms. Cook meat or chicken broth, pour the dumplings, add fried with onions mushrooms, season with spices to your taste and cook until done.
You can also use another recipe: boil the mushrooms, place them in a ceramic pot, pour broth, add finely chopped onion, dumplings and put in the oven for 30-40 minutes. Serve with greens.
Boiled dumplings you can fry in butter or vegetable oil, but this dish will be more bold and less useful. Better cook them in the oven: lay the dumplings into a form, pour sour cream, sprinkle with cheese and bake until Golden brown.
A good option is to cook the dumplings in the steamer: the dough and the meat is well cooked, and the juice will not flow out. But don't forget to grease the bowl with butter or oil, to dumplings are not stuck to the bottom.