You will need
  • - kolavalli;
  • - herbicidal preparations;
  • protective gloves or gauntlets;
  • - saw;
  • - drill with a drill large diameter;
  • - plastic film.
Use to combat wasp method of banding trees. This applies to a special device – kolavalli. It consists of two plates connected pivotally and ending on the one hand the working body. To perform the procedure of banding the trees at any time of the year. Note that ringed aspen does not die immediately, but gradually.
Prepare kolavalli to work. Cover the trunk of aspen carbon plates so that the teeth firmly in the bark of wood. Squeeze handle and prongs rotate around the tree trunk to cause the trunk of a circular wound. This method works best if the diameter of aspen is about 10 cm Circular incision is performed at a height of about 120-130 cm
Be sure to lock the annular incision. Otherwise, the tree will not die. The advantage of this method is that in this case, ringed aspen will not allow root suckers. Even though the roots from the shoots will go, in the first vegetation period, the offspring will inevitably die.
Keep in mind that if the annular processing aspen is done poorly, it shoots to the roots can become very dense and abundant. In this case, the tree is recommended to cut the level of one meter and use herbicides.
On the cut of aspen, use a large diameter drill a few holes, trying to place them off center of the barrel, and the edges, closer to the bark. This is to allow the active substance together with the juices to better penetrate to the root system.
Prepared herbicide solution enter in the holes, close the plastic wrap and leave for about a week. Then repeat the process, entering a new portion of the drug. If after ten days the shoots start to die, you can uproot the remains of the tree, at the same time freeing the soil from the root system. If the procedure of processing carried out efficiently, the seedlings of aspen trees in this location will not appear.