You will need
  • - Zira;
  • - turmeric;
  • - saffron;
  • - barberry;
  • - garlic.
One of the important ingredients of pilaf – Zira. Yet it is sometimes called cumin, common, Chaman, difficult. It is a herbaceous plant. For cooking uses cumin seeds. The spice has a slightly bitter taste and rich aroma. To spice fully disclosed all of its properties, the seeds should be lightly crushed before adding to zirvak.
It should be noted, the cumin helps in the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It protects the body from heart attacks, does not form clots. Also improves vision, purifies the blood. Helps the stomach digest fatty foods. Decoctions of cumin is recommended to take with colic in the stomach, cramps, flatulence, depression. And nursing mothers spice helps to increase lactation.
Another seasoning for pilaf – turmeric. This spice is yellow or orange. It gives the dish a beautiful Golden color. In turmeric contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. For example, a condiment rich in calcium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, vitamins b and C.
It is believed that people who eat turmeric, do not suffer from senile dementia. Well it relieves inflammation, purifies the blood. It is recommended for people suffering from obesity and diabetes, arthritis. Another spice used as a prophylactic from cancer.
However, turmeric is contraindicated if a person has gallstones or clogged bile duct.
Sometimes instead of turmeric pilaf add saffron – most expensive spice in the world. Dried stigmas of flowers of Crocus. The spice also gives the dish a Golden hue, subtle aroma and a very interesting sweet-spicy-bitter taste.
Observed that people who regularly eat saffron not suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Also the spice helps fight depression, improves digestion, cleanses liver and kidneys, increases the potency, relieves pain. Tincture of saffron is able to reduce pain at the battles, if you take her during childbirth.
Saffron helps to relieve hangover. At the same time, if you take it with alcohol, it enhances intoxication. A large dose of spice can lead to strong arousal, and sometimes poisonous. So better not to overdo it. Small strings of saffron is enough to the cauldron pilaf.
Real Asian pilaf add dried berries of barberry. They give the dish a little sour. Barberry is rich in vitamin C, glucose, fructose, malic acid. The fruits improve appetite, help to quench your thirst, cleanse the blood.
Also in the pilaf as a spice add the garlic. And its not cut with a knife or passed through the press, and lowered into a dish the whole head, only clearing from the husk.