Where can you buy mangosteen?

Currently, buy mangosteen in Moscow not a problem. It is sold almost everywhere. Such retail chains as "Lenta", "Auchan", "Carousel", "GIPERGLOBUS" and "Okay" offer this and any other exotic at any time of the year. The price of mangosteen always remains high. If you know about how these fruits are grown at home, this fact becomes quite understandable. It also explains the lack of mangosteen on the market: small providers don't want to mess with the goods, the price of which is higher than the demand. In the capital markets is extremely rare to find mangosteen.

How to grow mangosteen

This tropical fruit is very capricious. The tree is demanding of temperatures, soil composition, humidity. To grow and to bear fruit, it will only be on a soil rich in organic matter and at temperatures from 7 to 37 degrees. The necessary conditions for fruiting and growth are the lack of salt water and strong winds.

Mangostana the tree grows very slowly but is long-lived. The biggest crops are harvested from trees aged 25-40 years, but this is not the limit, the plants aged over hundred years.

The correct name

Some call this exotic fruit mangosteen, others mangosteen. Meanwhile, officially recognized by the naming of tree and fruit - the mangosteen. This fruit is not a relative of the mango and not a favorite food of the mongoose. Latin naming of plants Garcinia mangostana L., the reading of his controversial, hence the various options of transcription.

Mangosteen is recognized as the most delicious tropical fruit. Thick skinned red or orange hides a delicate clear and white slices. The more lobes the fruit, the less seeds. Eat the fruit is often fresh, as the delicate flavor in the processing and preservation is lost. At home in the period of harvest of cooked kind of jam, using cinnamon and brown cane sugar. Rind prepare jelly, with a preliminary special processing.

Useful properties

Besides the delicate forever remember the taste, mangosteen is a real collection of nutrients. The main useful property of the fruit is contained in the rind of xanthones, which are natural antioxidants. They have an antiviral effect and a good effect on the cardiovascular system. Its composition and operation of the rind of mangosteen is very similar to green tea, which has long been known.

Dried peel at home of the fruit is used in the treatment of skin diseases and dysentery. In addition, from the peel of various species produce a variety of medicines from a variety of diseases. All supporters of a healthy lifestyle will appreciate the taste and benefits of this exotic fruit, more recently, unknown to the inhabitants of the middle band.