First and foremost, learn not to be shy because of their insecurities, not to criticize yourself, to calmly accept all the shortcomings. Everyone makes mistakes, and there are no perfect people. The first reason for the uncertainty is that the person himself does not like. Get rid of this feeling.
Set a goal. Better to record everything on paper: specify what changes in yourself you will achieve to become more confident, you need to do. Define that means to you is quality. A sheet of notes get – get it can be a month to compare with your achievements.
Remember the moments when you feel the maximum confidence. Remember what situation it was that caused this feeling, what feelings you had. All the details and details are important. Remember it often, try to evoke those feelings, to embody them.
Try this exercise: put on hand rubber band, and when you feel self-doubt, pull, and lower gum, so it hurt his hand. After several such situations you have uncertainty will be associated unpleasant feelings, and you will subconsciously begin to avoid that situation. You can also do the opposite – when you get to be the confident, secure feeling positive emotions. Do what you like and want to eat sweets, watch a favorite movie.
Watch your posture and gait. Correct, proud posture and a steady gait – two main features self-confident person. Do not slouch, keep your head straight, and shoulders straighten. Go to clearly, directly, show confidence in his views, even if you feel otherwise. Gradually your mind will adapt to the body and you will feel the confidence. Develop other signs of a confident person – speak up, look in the eyes, change facial expressions and gestures.
Change your speech. The conversation often use the pronoun "I", always Express their opinion, using the phrase "I think", "I think." Say "no" when necessary, Express the refusal clearly and firmly – "I don't want", "I don't like it", "I do not fit". Openly Express your feelings, talk about them. Try to start conversations and end them. Control your voice tone, speak softly in conversation with a nice man and is tough when needed to defend their case or opinion.
Select from their environment the several self-confident people, watch their behavior, speech, movements, try to learn from them. The first time feel like an actor, put on a mask of a confident person, feel the image, even if inside you are all trembling with uncertainty. If to follow him, so you get used to this way that it becomes a part of you, and you will gain confidence not only with external but also with internal parties.