The Deposit insurance system

All deposits are insured by the Russians. The money is returned to depositors through the Deposit insurance Fund. It is formed by the banks themselves. They make contributions which are then affected investors.

How to check

To check whether the insurance system the Bank you have chosen, you will be able on the website of the Central Bank. Also, the desired information can be obtained at any branch of your Bank. And note: the "insured's" Bank in a conspicuous place shall be posted a copy of the certificate on joining the Bank in SSV.

That guarantees the state

Every depositor can return no more than 700 thousand rubles, including interest.

Under warranty get their money on time Bank deposits, the accounts of "demand" in rubles and foreign currency, as well as current accounts used for settlements on Bank card payments and various allowances. Upon revocation of the license of the Bank balances on all your accounts at the Bank are summarized. The interest on deposits is accrued only to the date of revocation of Bank licenses. If in the end it will amount less than or equal to 700 thousand rubles, then the money is returned in full.

What is waiting for major investors

If the fare is more than 700 thousand rubles., the state pays only 700 thousand, and the rest is paid at the time of bankruptcy, which occurs through the court. He takes from the bankrupt all property, sells it and returns money to investors. However, rely heavily on the court is not necessary.

How is the compensation

After the revocation of Bank licenses information about it appears in the media, on the website of the Central Bank. Then within seven days be published name of the Bank agent, after which will be eligible for a refund. In addition, each depositor will receive a letter. Payments start 14 days after the revocation of the license.

Store documents

Sometimes, in criminal bankruptcy, the Bank destroys the computer database with data on deposits. The Agency on insurance of contributions is always trying to restore this database, but the work is time-consuming. Besides, in the end, there may be inaccuracies. Therefore keep carefully all documents on the contribution before the end of his term.