If you, for objective reasons, are unable to repay the debt, and the credit institution refuses to make concessions to you and charges huge penalties and fines, contact the court.
Before filing a claim complete all the necessary stages of pre-trial settlement of the conflict. Contact the Bank and ask them to restructure or postpone payment. In the case where a Bank denied you a request, require the denial you have provided in written form with all necessary signatures. This is necessary in order to court you have proof that you tried to find a solution, instead of sitting idly by.
Any loan agreement specifies the contractual place of jurisdiction. This can be the legal address of the Bank branch. In addition, you can file a lawsuit at the place of residence. This is stated in the "Law on the protection of the rights of consumers".
Write a statement indicating your surname, first name, patronymic, passport data, address. Also describe the issue to court, your signature. Transmit the application and all required documents to the office. Keep all the copies of the documents certified by the court office. This will ensure that your application has been accepted and will be considered.
Generally quite difficult to prepare such a statement correctly. If the amount in dispute is large, it is suggested to hire a competent lawyer who works on issues of overdue loans. Such a person is called a depressant. He will make a statement on all the rules, will negotiate with the Bank and to represent your interests at trial.