All deposits with banks are subject to insurance in DIA. Upon the occurrence of the insured event, they shall be compensation in 700 thousand. Recently, the state Duma adopted a decision to increase the insured amount to 1 million rubles, but this law has not entered into force. Insurance covers not only the insured amount, but the amount of the accrued interest on the Deposit. They are recalculated in proportion to the period of the Deposit prior to the revocation of Bank licenses.
To the investor to take additional measures not necessary. ASV responsible for Deposit insurance.
Deposits in different branches of the Bank considered deposits in one Bank. The reimbursement is made with only 700 thousand. If we revoke licenses of several banks in which the depositor placed funds, the DIA will also reimburse the amount within 700 thousand rubles in proportion to the amount of deposits in banks.
Before placing the Deposit in the Bank, it is necessary to clarify whether the organization was a participant of CERs and whether it has a valid license of the CBR. Many organizations pretend to be a Bank offering higher rates on deposits.
Insurance reimbursement all funds of natural persons, which are accounts within term deposits and demand deposits. Also, the Bank customers have the opportunity to get back your money that are current accounts used to receive wages, pensions or scholarships. Under the new rules the opportunity to get your money there and Yip (from January 2014), lawyers and notaries yet.
With the revocation of Bank licenses need to wait until the Agency will choose the agent Bank, which will be responsible for payment of insurance compensation. Then contact back with the statement for compensation. The money will be issued in cash or transferred to your specified account. The statement can also be sent to the DIA in writing by mail. It is necessary to notarize your signature (in excess of 1000 p).
Money can get in a year or a year and a half before the end of the bankruptcy proceedings. Therefore it is not necessary to go for a reimbursement on the first day, as there can be queues.