You will need
  • - lottery tickets;
  • - communication with other regions of Russia.
If you want to win the lottery a large sum of money or property, then notice of the all-Russian housing lottery. In one ticket you can play at the same time twice. Once on gradually increasing the amount of money, and the second time to the apartment.
To win a cash prize is quite difficult. You have to erase the protective layer from all of the Windows to open was only the winning numbers. Is to make the same mistake, and the cash winnings can forget. So if you are the sole winner of the fortune, the chances of winning you are not great.
Use your second attempt. Scratch off the protective layer from the field "Room". There is one of the 8 letters of this word. Under the terms of the lottery, gathered all the letters, you become the owner of a Studio apartment or its cash equivalent. There is much more depends on your perseverance and ingenuity than the notorious luck.
You, buying lottery tickets, you will find that some letters come across in every second ticket and some scarce. You can even combine your efforts with other participants of the lottery (neighbors, colleagues at work). But to succeed in this business, you need to understand the principle of operation of the lottery.
As the all-Russia lottery, and tickets are sold throughout the country, the organizers distributed the flow of tickets in a special way. For example, in Omsk brought a large number of letters in Penza – the letters "R", Nizhny Tagil, and. And the letter "t" has produced a limited edition throughout Russia. So if you really want to win in the national housing lottery, we should significantly expand the geography of search of lottery tickets with the correct letter.
Remember, where you have relatives. Connect them to find the missing letters. Examine the online forums dedicated to the Russian housing lottery. There you will be able to exchange rare letters with people from other regions.
But don't fall for tricks fraudsters offering to sell a scarce letter with a few tens of thousands of rubles. Even if you get a coveted ticket to check its authenticity you will not be able. And in the case of fraud you will personally incur criminal responsibility as a person who provided the fake lottery ticket.