Who will assign INN

INN is assigned to each physical or legal entity and individual entrepreneur, once in a lifetime. Since the death of individuals was is null and void.

When applying for a job no one has the right to claim your INN, although this practice in Russia is quite common, which contradicts the Labour law. You can be from obtaining a certificate with your VAT number, to obtain and provide his leadership make you not entitled to. However, if you still there is such evidence, it is better to present at the request of the accounting Department: the INN will be useful when filing annual certificate about your income.

Everything was stored in one Central database and allow you to quickly identify delinquent taxes. In fact, for this purpose it was created. The registration was happening at the place of registration of natural or legal persons. This is evidenced by the first two digits in the code number.

INN of the physical person consists of 12 digits, IP – 10, and legal entities - from 5 digits. A foreign citizen can also get a tin at the place of registration. To do this, you should contact the appropriate tax office.

It should be noted that some categories of citizens it is mandatory to INN, for example, civil servants and managers.

The practical use of INN

Individual taxpayer identification number may be useful to you from a practical point of view. As several terminals, providing an opportunity to obtain the necessary documents. Agree, it is easier to enter the code was to fill all personal data.

In everyday life INN will need any person who decides to use a Single portal of public services. In some cases he is asked to provide to the Bank in the design, such as a map, although it was not included in the mandatory list of documents to open it.

Known cases where was required to obtain even a child of preschool age. But this is due to the fact that the child may participate in any contests, competitions and will receive a cash prize. When applying for insurance parents insurance company has the right to request was, including the baby. Though you should know that to oblige and compel the receipt of the certificate the citizen has no rights.