Hysteria is manifested by strong emotional arousal, the person at the time literally loses control of himself. She affected mostly women and children, in men, this disorder is less common.

How to prevent tantrums

Modern life with its frantic pace, endless stress, information overload provokes people to various nerve disorders, which can be a fit of hysteria.

To avoid burnout, try to make your lives more positive emotions. Often walk in the fresh air, exercise regularly. Ensure food in your diet was healthy and balanced. Timely treat family and domestic problems within a busy day to allow time for rest and relaxation.

Baby tantrum

Every parent needs to know about that with the child it is important to maintain emotional contact with him to share his problems, fears, and joys. In short, do not step back from parenting his child, referring to eternal employment. Such a model of the relationships will protect the child's psyche from various nervous disorders.

To calm a crying baby, often pressed him to her, to say something affectionate, kiss on the cheek. The kid smiled, forgetting their grievances, and from children's tantrums will be over. Children of any age should not feel lonely and abandoned. Do not yell at the child, staying in hysterics, and even more to beat him - this will only aggravate the problem.

It is important that the child has done the tantrum his model of behavior with which he will seek from others fulfilling their endless desires. To avoid this, talk often with your children, explaining to them the General rules of conduct.

First aid for hysterics

It is important to stop a hysterical attack. In any case, do not shout or raise your voice to emotionally overwhelmed people. Try to divert his sudden action, e.g. hand clapping. It is important to stop exposure to precipitating a tantrum situation. Create maximum tranquil setting next to a person experiencing severe nervous disorder.

Give a person in hysterics, a glass of cold water, wash his face with cool water. When people more or less calm down, suggest they take a warm bath and drink hot tea with mint, honey and lemon.

After a tantrum

Usually hysterical weakens and depletes the human nervous system, and after graduation, he quickly falls asleep. Put him to bed, create in the twilight of the room, provide fresh air into the room, avoid loud talking and noise.

When you need professional help.

Each individual case of hysteria must be considered individually. If such attacks were to happen often, you should consult a therapist. Timely and properly prescribed treatment (sedatives, massage, water treatments, etc.) will help you easily and quickly to cope with this disease.