When a child throws a tantrum, of course, to stay cool is incredibly difficult. And yet be patient. Remember: your little one is actively trying to understand an unfamiliar world. He can worry about, survive as adults, but Express their feelings, thoughts, desires, civilized still.
Do not attempt to explain the raging child that his behavior was not good – it is useless. The kid you just did not hear. And the child is older, if they hear, he categorically rejects all of your arguments, not wanting to go into their meaning.
Do not scold the crying, the stomping feet of the child. Don't punish him, don't hit! The aggressive reaction of adults to tantrum for a long time deposited in the subconscious of the little man. And the stereotype of its future behavior is based on the words and actions of adults.
So, keeping calm, try to figure out what could cause a tantrum. First of all check that you were sick baby. If he has fever, rash, runny nose? Not wet? Not frozen? Maybe the child is excited, tired and wants to sleep? Or very hungry.
If any serious reasons no, it's just a whim. Calmly ask: "What happened?". Although it is easy to guess, the child demands something from you. Or any subject, or treat, or another toy. Small children are often in such a way make them picked up.
Identifying the cause of tantrums, give your child a convincing tone, that you will do it, if he calms down. The baby does not stop? Calmly continue to do their business. You can even move to another room. But be true to his word, stay away until the child calms down.
Most unpleasant of all, when children throw tantrums on people. Here it is necessary to immediately take the child from a public place. After the incident, let him be. And feel: this behavior he deserves no communication, no entertainment, no gifts.
As usually develops hysteria? At first, the kid is just naughty. Then starts to shout more and more incensed. And soon proceeds to action: stomping feet, throwing things, trying to attract attention.
Extreme – when a child falls and convulses. But as soon as you leave him alone, hysterical quick stop. The child is throwing you a small performance, and every actor needs an audience.
Hysteria ends, as a rule, plaintive sobs and pained eyes, looking for sympathy. Here is the heart of many mothers can not stand, and they make a serious error: throw to the kid in a hug, showering him with a thousand kisses. But in the subconscious of the child is fixed conclusion: as we left something in my opinion!
Remember: hysteria in children is the best way to influence adults and was bound to succeed. If there is one, the second, the third will be failing and give up, the child will continue to use this weapon against you regularly.