The General Director of the First channel

Currently Chairman of the Board of Directors is of the First channel Konstantin Ernst. The current post he took in 1999-m to year. Interestingly, from 1988 to 1990, the first year Mr. Ernst worked on the so-called Central Television of the USSR. He was the host of "the View". In the 90s, Constantine L. was the author, host, Director and producer of the popular TV show "Matador".

In 1995, the year Konstantin Ernst was appointed General producer of ORT, and September 6, 1999, the year he is the General Director of JSC "First channel". According to the rating of top managers conducted in 2010, the year the newspaper "Kommersant", Mr. Ernst took the second place in nomination "Media business".

Lead news on the First channel

Vitaly Eliseev. Vitaly Borisovich is a leading program "Time" on the First channel from 2007. In 1992-m to year, Mr. Elisha came to the information service of JSC "First channel". He worked as an engineer of the Department of coordination of the broadcast, and then the editor of the correspondents. In 2005, the year Vitaly Eliseev has proposed to lead the planning and producing of management of information programs of JSC "First channel". Since 2007, the year Mr. Eliseev is one of the permanent leading program "Time".
For all time of its existence, the First channel was replaced by three logos. The current is the fourth in a row. Curiously, since 2005, the year the logo of the First channel has stopped remove from the ad units.

Ekaterina Andreeva. Before you work with TV, Ekaterina worked in the Prosecutor General's office. In 1990, the year she enrolled at the all-Union courses of improvement of qualification of workers of television and radio. Since 1991, the year Ms. Andreeva is Director of the Central television and broadcasting "Ostankino". Since 1995, the year she works for the editor of the ORT information programs and leading news. And only from 1998 year, Ekaterina Andreeva is a permanent host of the program "Time".

Other presenters of the First channel

Leonid Yakubovich. Mr. Yakubovich is a Soviet and Russian TV presenter and also an actor, writer, producer and even a writer. Since 2002, the year – people's artist of the Russian Federation. To television career Leonid Bykov worked at the factory, and at auction, was engaged in literary activities, was a member of the Committee of the Moscow playwrights. In 1991, the year Yakubovich're trying out a new anchor capital-show "Field of miracles". Samples have been successfully: from 1991 until the present time he is the permanent host of "the folk show".

Andrey Malakhov. Andrey is a showman, a television journalist and a leading Studio programs special projects of the First channel. In addition, Mr. Malakhov is the main editor of one of the "star" magazines. Among projects of long-Andrei Malakhov - "Big wash" and current talk show "Let them talk".

Ivan Urgant. Currently, Ivan Urgant is the face of the first channel. His "track record" of various works on television, of course, deserves respect. Some of the most striking television show with the participation of Ivan A. are the "ProjectorParisHilton" and "Evening Urgant" on the First channel. In addition, Mr. Urgant has been the leading ball of the graduates "Scarlet sails" for the past several years.

Dmitry Nagiyev. Mr. Nagiyev is an outstanding figure in Russian show business. This showman, actor, poet, musician, radio and television presenter. Nagiev his television career began, oddly enough, a DJ at the St. Petersburg radio "Modern". Then he is invited to television, leading such programs as "Burden of money", "Telecombat", "Windows". Dmitry is one of the performers of the main roles in such Comedy series as "Caution Nouveau!" and "Caution, Zadov!".
Dmitriy Nagiev was married to Alice Scheer (Alla Malysheva). From this marriage he has a son, Kirill Nagiev. Currently, the showman is not married.

Currently, Mr. Harvey has been the host of a popular music show "the Voice" on channel one, and also the indispensable leading sports show "the Great race". Since 2012, the year became the official face of jokes, retireme the commercial breaks on "Russian radio", and since 2013, the year advertising person of the MTS. Constantly participating in the jury in the Highest League of KVN on the First channel.