Ekaterina Andreeva

Ekaterina Andreeva is a leading news program "Vremya" on the first channel, aired from Monday to Saturday at 21 o'clock local time. Ekaterina came to work on television in 1991. First, she was speaker of the Central television and broadcasting "Ostankino", and also led the program "Good morning". Since 1995, Andreev works for the First channel (then still ORT). Its activity here, it started with the editor of news programmes, and then has been leading the newscasts. In 1998 Ekaterina is a permanent host of the program "Time" on the First channel. Work schedule – week by week with Vitaly Eliseev.
Vitaly Eliseev

Vitaly Borisovich, along with Ekaterina Andreeva is a regular presenter of news program "Vremya". In this field, Elisha working since 2007. Vitaly Borisovich came to the service information of the First channel in 1992. Then he worked as an engineer of the Department of coordination of the broadcast, and then served as editor of correspondents. Since 2005, Yeliseyev headed the Department of planning and producing of management of information programs of the main Russian TV channel. Leading the program "Time" Vitaly Eliseev appointed in 2007, replacing in this position, Andrei Baturin. Work schedule – week by week with Ekaterina Andreeva.
Dmitry Borisov

Dmitry Dmitrievich is a leading evening editions of the program "news" on the First channel, aired from Monday to Friday at 18 o'clock local time. Borisov - known figure of a Runet, but also a producer of documentary films. The First channel Dmitry Dmitrievich was invited in August 2006. First, he led the morning and afternoon news, and then retrained on the evening broadcast format. In 2008 Dmitry Borisov was awarded the prize of the First channel as the best presenter of this TV season. Work schedule – week by week with Anna Pavlova. Since 2011, Borisov is an information program "Time", temporarily replacing her regular leading.
Anna Pavlova

Anna is a Russian speaker, community activist, editor, journalist and presenter of the evening edition of the program "news" on the First channel. In the 90-ies of the Pavlova has worked as a reviewer of "Time", then an assistant Director and editor of the group of cities of the program "Vesti" on TV channel Russia 1 (the RTR). After a while Anna Yurievna graduated from the faculty of journalism and Magoo becomes the leading program "Vesti" VGTRK. Soon she goes to work for a leading news channel of TV-6. In 2001, Anna Pavlova leads morning and afternoon newscasts on the First channel (former ORT), and then goes to REN-TV as a presenter of "24".
Back on the main channel Anna Pavlova is coming in 2007, where he works in the Directorate of information programs. In 2009, Pavlov was the leading program "Time", and then leading news bulletins, broadcasting in Central Russia. In the same period, she led a five-minute news bulletins aired every half-hour in the program "Good morning". In 2013 Anna was leading nightly newscasts on the First channel. Currently, along with Dmitry Borisov leads the program "Evening news". Chart – week after week.
Among other leading news of the First channel – Valeriya Korableva (daily editions), Alena Lapshina (daily editions) Sergey Tugushev (morning and afternoon editions), Larisa Medvedskaya (morning and afternoon editions), Maxim Sharafutdinov (night edition) Yury Lipatov (night issues), Andrew Lewandowski (early editions) and Maria Vasilyeva (early editions). Furthermore, on Sunday on the First channel out of the information-analytic programme "Sunday Vremya", which is the leading Irada Zeynalova, not so long ago replaced in this post of Peter Tolstoy.