Is it permissible to exclude meat from the children's menu?

According to the conventional norms of nutrition, meat is an important nutritional component of the diet. It contains a variety of substances, without which a person can start to hurt. And if an adult is quite acceptable temporary reasonable limitation in the consumption of meat, the nutritional value of this product in the child's diet a lot more.

The reasons why the children need to eat meat in your food:

  1. Protein synthesis. The basic "building" element of the growing organism is a protein, which consists of different amino acids. Amino acids are nonessential (can be produced from other amino acids) and essential (can only be obtained from food). So the main source of those essential amino acids is meat.
  2. Iron. Despite the fact that many plant foods also contain significant reserves of iron, it is best absorbed from meat. Iron deficiency leads to anemia and various aspects of hematopoiesis.
  3. Vitamins. Meat is the main source of b vitamins, the demand for which is very high in childhood. Their deficiency may lead to delays in mental development, problems with the nervous system, increased fatigability. Separately to say about vitamin D, which plays an important role in the formation of bone tissue. Its deficiency leads to rickets, and in plant foods it is virtually nonexistent.
  4. Cholesterol. For many people the word "cholesterol" is associated with stroke and problems with blood vessels, however, the disadvantage of this substance is not less harmful than its excess. Cholesterol is involved in membrane cell processes, and also affects the hormonal system. Its deficiency leads to hormonal disruptions, increase in brittle bones, problems with vision.

Before removing the meat and any other animal food from the diet of a small child, be aware that the processes occurring in his body differ from the life of an adult. And the lack of essential elements which can not be compensate for plant food, can lead to irreversible damage to the baby's health.