The first thing you need to make a choice: to put up a fence yourself or entrust this question to a professional technician. The answer is simple - if by reason of the ignorance fence installation in accordance with the rules and regulations, the owner of the suburban area afraid of their own to build the fence, then he must trust the expert in this area. Please take note that the fence is a very important part of the whole plot, which is responsible for the safety of its owner.
The fence must serve not one year, and therefore regularly spend a lot of money on self-construction it is unlikely that someone will want.

Regulatory framework

In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, there are certain rules and regulations for the erection of fences between adjacent areas. So, in acts and regulations (SNiP 30-02-97 of September 10, 1997 N 18-51) provided General rules concerning the rules of fence installation, selection of material for the construction and its degree of transparency, height and much more.


When you select a country fence should be taken into account that deaf fences represent the worst possible option for installation between the two sites. And even in the case of obtaining a permit for the installation of the remote design, it should not exceed more than 1.5 meter. With the exception of fences, which separate the site from the roadway (highway, freeway) – they can reach a height of 2.5 meters, moreover, in some cases, can be guided by the normative acts of the CPS in relation to determining the level of noise and put up fences that will cut the road noise (they are from a special perforated material with a height up to 3 meters)

The most secure option is to install a thin fence with a certain distance between the boards. If the installation of fences made of profiled sheet is required, the sheet must be perforated, which will eliminate shadowing of the adjacent plot. Typically, such perforations make the upper edge of the fence on 25-30 centimeters to the bottom.


To set up a fence strictly on the boundary (see boundary plan) incorrectly, according to the norms of the fence must retreat to half a meter from the boundary inside the site. Similar is the case with the installation of fencing along roads and pedestrian areas. In the case of a deaf fence – retreat will have at least one meter.
Would planting: for example, the fence may not be closer than 1 meter to the planted shrubs closer than 2 feet to the trees of medium height (cherry, for example), from the large trees have altogether to walk 4 meters.

According to the evaluation standards for the sanitary conditions, erected the fence should be no closer than 3 metres from a residential building, no closer than 4 metres from the outbuildings for livestock and poultry.