When it comes to distances from the structure to the fence, it is not necessary to refer to benevolent neighbors and no objections to the construction. All norms and rules are regulated by law.

If the land is suitable for gardening

There is a SNiP 30-02-97, as amended, dated March 12, 2001, which contains all necessary construction standards, never changing drastically.

All land should be protected by transparent fences to prevent shading of neighbouring properties. Allowed mesh or lattice fences not higher than five feet. Deaf fence can be done from the roadway.

The distance between the house and the neighbors fence must be at least three meters. Froze produce from home base to the boundaries. If it's a building for household needs, a distance of one meter. Building for keeping of poultry and livestock shall be located no closer than four metres from boundaries. The garage must be located no closer than one meter from the fence.

Separately specified distance from the road to the fence. The owner of the site is not able to determine because it has only the border of his possessions. However, there are requirements that the distance from residential homes and commercial buildings to line the road must be at least five meters. If this passage – then three meters.
Detailed information on the allowed distances between the fences can be obtained at the Department of architecture in your city.

Individual housing building

The size and design of the fences of individual housing construction are not standardized, and it can be any, according to the desire and capabilities of the owner of the land.

The distance between fences is adjustable SNiP 20-102-99. So, the border of the neighboring area should be no closer than three meters. Distance from the Windows of the neighboring house to the walls of your residential buildings – no closer than six meters.
According to fire safety requirements, the distance between the wooden houses must be at least 12 metres between the stone and not less than 6 metres.

If you can not comply with the restricted distances, it is possible to obtain the written consent of neighbours confirming that they are not against the structure of the standards. As for outbuildings and garage, the requirements are the same as for horticultural plots.

With all of this is to comply with fire regulations. In the event of a fire, firefighters need unrestricted access to each capital structure.