What is needed to transfer

To participate in the "Fashionable sentence" first and foremost, you need to give the editors of the program detailed personal information about yourself in the form of questionnaire, which shows the member's full name, city of residence, age, gender, contact numbers and email. In addition, the stylists need to provide additional information about the amount of clothes and shoes, height and weight. To create a support team should indicate in the questionnaire the data of friends, relatives or colleagues "of the defendant".

Future member of the "Fashionable sentence" have to give their consent to the collection and use of personal information about him.

Submit the application form on the website of the First channel – just go to the subsection titled "Fashion verdict" - "Profile" and carefully filled in all the required fields. You can also send a request for participation in the program with the help of paid SMS-messages. The subsection is necessary to describe its history – because to get to the "Fashion verdict", it is necessary to interest the viewer. It is possible to talk in detail about their circumstances as a wrong style of clothing has influenced the life of the party, worsened relationship with a loved one or have led to conflicts in the family and lower self-esteem. The size of the history must be at least two to three pages.

Participation in the program

If the story is suitable for "Fashion sentence", the editors call participant to specify information about him and invite him for an interview at Ostankino. At this stage it is important to demonstrate your interpersonal skills and ability to communicate, to interest the editors and the most to gain them. For an interview you need to take your clothes, video, photos – in short, everything that will remove interesting hour edition of the program.

The most time consuming (and fun) stage of shooting "Fashion sentence" is the work of a stylist on creating a new image and selection of stylish clothes.

After all these manipulations, the crew will film additional material, individual images and mini-stories for final completion of the transfer. When participating in the program the participant should know that most of the stages of the shooting process are performed at different times, so the nonresident "defendant" need to stay in Moscow for a long time. To save time and money, some stages can be combined, however, it is necessary to negotiate with the editors and organizers of the program.