Wondering how best to congratulate the birthday girl with the 50th anniversary, the answers must be sought in three directions. Need a stunning bouquet, heartfelt speech and a nice gift for the soul.


Luxury bouquet suited to each greeting. But to please the hero of the day, should look exactly 50 colors.

Appropriate to be roses, better than aloe or tea-colored. Color palette colors should be closer to red colors, which symbolizes maturity and wisdom. It is inappropriate to give daisies or other wildflowers. The carefree youth has passed and it is time for serious colors.

Look great layered with flowers laid out with the number of the anniversary. This must be taken care of in advance. For example, you can see decorated with bouquets from the florist and requested to leave the order on the agreed date.


Congratulatory address to be selected carefully, with the meaning and necessary to learn by heart. Congratulations, read the cards, look dull and ordinary, it is always better to select words or write a little verse.

If a woman is close to you relative, it is important to note in the speech which she is a good mother and housewife. Congratulating the colleague, it is necessary to emphasize its qualities that are important in work, for example, the talent for easy communication or diplomacy, leadership background or high responsibility.

Any greeting should flow from the heart, without a trace of guile and pretense. Only heartfelt statements are a compliment and always pleasant. Competent praise will delight the birthday girl and stored in the memory as a pleasant experience.

Congratulations to pick in a poetic form or prose. Don't focus on the age of the woman, not to say formulaic phrases that life is just beginning. Appropriate to be narrative about the brightness, consistency, presence of life of the rod the hero of the day.

It should also be mention of wisdom in that are often asked for tips to help you through life. Definitely wish for health, much of it in 50 years does not happen.

The choice of gift

The choice of gift is the most important and final step. Gift for 50th birthday is something special, unusual and memorable. You can give handmade things masters. The purpose of the gift may be different from carved figurines to furniture. The hand of the master will always give warmth and uniqueness to gift things that will transform it into an exquisite masterpiece.

If the birthday girl has a tendency to collect anything, look for a gift that will Supplement it exhibits. This gift will be pleasant and useful.

Do not pick up the perfume or cosmetics. In women 50 years of refined taste, and she herself often to please not can. This gift will be unnecessary, dusty on a shelf or even get into the trash can.

Do not forget that every woman loves secrets and intrigue. Therefore, you should pack the gift in an unusual way to Wake up the woman's curiosity.