To train your dragon, you must grow. Install modifier "Dragon Mounts Mod" that adds new dragons. They appear from the egg. This kind you cannot find in any of the worlds. Before you get the egg, you need to kill the black winged serpent that dwells in the measurement Region, it is the same Ender.
Find snake through Eye of Ender. To get it destroy a few dozen undermenu. Their ability to teleport gives them the opportunity to suddenly appear behind the hero and deliver crushing blows. Pitch the cube and destroy the lower levels, forming a canopy. The high growth of the enemy will play against him and you win. When the Eye of Ender will be available, activate it by clicking on the right mouse button. Follow in the direction where the fly artifact.
Before the battle with the serpent stock up on supplies. From arms take a diamond sword, a bow and arrows and iron armor. If you can enchant weapons and armor. Keep in mind that the snake are not all the enchantments, Golems, too, will bring success.
Do not go on the attack first. After the snakes attack, aim at his head. To lay down a barrier of stone blocks will not work - it will easily destroy it. It's best to attack the monster from a distance using a long-range weapon, such as throwing snowballs or arrows. Do not forget that on the obsidian pillars are crystals. Flying past them, snakes compensates for spent health points. Without the elimination of crystals it is impossible to kill. Destroy crystals with snowballs and arrows. On the pillars you can climb on special ladders and shoot crystals up close.
Destroying the crystals you effortlessly deal with the serpent. The portal opens, through which the hero will be able to return home. Bring the egg of the defeated serpent. That is because it appears your winged friend.
Upon returning home, find a suitable safe and warm place. Around the egg you can place the lava, the higher the ambient temperature, the faster your pet will be born. As soon as the dragon gets out of the egg it will be to go everywhere over the a hero. Often treat the dragon with raw fish. Adult dragon - your reliable defender and a great vehicle. For the first time going into the flight, be sure to put on his saddle. The entire process of creating an ally is time-consuming, but your efforts will be rewarded. Friendship with a dragon will make the game more interesting and brighter and give the hero plenty of opportunities.