Advice 1: How to get to Moscow-city

Moscow-city is Russia's largest construction project downtown. The complex is located in Krasnopresnenskaya area of Moscow, Kozhevnicheskiy pereulok. On-site business center has an observation deck, and the complex itself is pretty impressive.
How to get to Moscow-city


You can use the tour of Moscow city, which is offered by several travel agencies of the capital. Will tell you about the construction of the complex will show interesting places in its territory, including the world's tallest musical fountain and a tour of the tower "Federation".

MIBC (Moscow international business center) was built on the site in 60 hectares. it consists of several tall buildings-towers. Two of these towers are rented for offices, and another one is a hotel and residential apartments. The Center has a number of different shopping areas, banks, beauty salons, shops and other entertainment and service organizations.

How to get on the subway

In the direction of the business center "Moscow-city" is laid with an individual branch line. It starts at the metro station "Kiev" Filevskaya and branches off from the line. You need to catch a train to the station "international". You can exit at the stations "Exhibition center" and "international" - both with easy access to Moscow city. Branch is marked in blue, you can get to it with the hub "Alexandrovsky sad-Arbatskaya-Smolenskaya-Kievskaya.

How to get here by ground transport

To Moscow-city can be reached by bus using the route that you want to stop "Derbenevskaya". Address MIBC – 2 kozhevnicheskiy pereulok, 7a.

The bus to the stop "Derbenevskaya" walking from several metro stations: Marksistskaya (route 106), "Serpukhovskaya" (No. 632), "Paveletskaya" (routes of buses №106, 13, 632, bus No. 13m), "Taganskaya" (No. 106).

How to get to the observation deck in the Moscow-city

Many visitors to Moscow are interested in visiting the observation deck. It opened in the spring of 2014 on the 58 floor of the "Empire". With deck offers excellent views of Moscow state University, the Academy of Sciences. University, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the White house and many other interesting sights of Moscow.

Go to the observation deck alone is impossible, but you can do it as part of the tour. While working sites: from 17:00 to 21:00 on weekdays, and from 10:00 to 21:00 on weekends. The rise is the Elevator, which moves at a speed of 7 m/sec. Tickets cost up from 300 rubles (the cheapest option).

To register in advance. This can be done on a special website devoted to the observation deck: You can also call by phone +7 (499) 272-48-46.

Advice 2: How to get into MSU

Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov is one of the leading educational institutions of our country. Every year people come from different parts of Russia and from abroad. Highly qualified faculty prepares skilled professionals in various specialties. How to get into MSU?
How to get into MSU
In order to get to MSU should apply for training for a specific specialty. It is better if you decide with the choice of future profession.
First, you must obtain a certificate of secondary General education. The presence of gold and silver medals does not give any benefits to enroll, but may be seen during exams in case of equal results with another entrant.Next, you can visit the "open day" where you can learn the necessary information about further education, speak to the rector, to ask questions and see the list of documents required for admission to the UNIVERSITY. It is advisable to speak with your former University's alumni and find out information about the learning process.
Secondly, you will need to write the application addressed to the rector, which is submitted to the admissions office. The form of the document can be viewed on the official website of the admission Commission of the Moscow state University. Or ask in the admissions office, give instructions on its filling.
Orphans, children with disabilities, citizens till 20 years, having one parent of a disabled group 1, citizens with a family income less than the subsistence minimum, the person served in army under the contract for at least three years are eligible for preferential admission under the legislation of the Russian Federation. The same advantage applies to the winners of all-Russian competitions held annually in various subjects among pupils of average educational institutions.
In addition to the application form you need to prepare other documents. This can be a certificate or diploma on the presence of secondary special education. Copy of birth certificate and passport, 8 black-and-white photos in the size 3 to 4, or a copy of the original certificate of the results obtained for the Unified state exam. It should be noted that copies of the documents to be notarized not necessary. Persons entitled to benefits, must also provide the necessary confirmation of his words.
The documents with the application you can send email to MSU or to refer directly to the admissions office personally. After that, the students are allowed to pass additional entrance examinations.
Nonresident individuals who wish to get into Moscow state University, the hostel for the entire period of study. MSU provides training of specialists on full-time, evening and correspondence forms. Besides, you can always file an application and documents for admission to master's and graduate educational institution.
For submission of documents for admission are given a certain period, which changes every year, so this issue is necessary in order to determine admissions.
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