The instrument should be perpendicular to the edge of the table and strictly parallel to each other. The distance between the ends of their handles and the edge of the table from 1.5 to 2 cm Is the same as the plates.

First arranged plates. Typically, which side plates are located the Cutlery says about which hand to take them. Ie a knife or fork, lying on the right side of the plate, take the right hand. Those on the left side to the left. Right behind the knife is a wine glass. When a few drinks next to him and put the other glasses or shot glasses.

Glass of water needs to stand closer to the dish the wine. If alcoholic drinks are not provided, a glass or a glass of water put in each plate. It is located in the center or slightly to the right. As a rule, the line of intersection of the end of the first knife and the upper edge of the plate. Kvass or juice involves a mug. She put the pen to the right.

First, put a plate for the main course. For example, soup. Later attached to it, for example, dessert. As needed. A soup bowl or a deep plate placed on the dish stand. On the left, just above the forks is Pyrozhkov plate. It's a small knife for snacks and butter.

The number of knives, forks and spoons depends on the composition menu. If several knives, then they spread out to the right of the plate. Closest to her will be a butter knife. Right - fish. And from the edge of the knife for snacks. All these knives have one thing in common. Their blade should be facing the plate.

If the menu involves soup, between eateries and fishing knives put the spoon. If the fish is not provided, then the knife, consequently, do not spread. Then the spoon should be placed between the eateries and dining knives.

To the left of the plate lay the forks, which should be the prongs up and match the knives. Ie, table fork, fish and diner. It is important to consider what dish will be served. For example, for spaghetti and other Italian pasta knife is not needed. Here a fork with a spoon.

It is important to observe not only the distance between plate and flatware. It should not be more than 0.5 cm

When the table of snacks, two second hot dishes from fish and meat, the table serves eateries, canteens and fish knives and forks, respectively.

Dessert spread device, if provided dessert. It is also important to know what it is. For example, if it is only a sweet dish, it is possible to do only dessert spoons. When you plan the fruit, need a dessert fork.

Teaspoon or dessert knife and fork are always above the rest of the devices. Left of the plate is a plate with a small knife, and in the upper right corner of the glasses. The salad plate should be at the top.

If the guests invited to the Banquet, they are given the opportunity to choose their own devices. On the table in this case, put only the fork eateries. Forks should be placed alongside the corresponding plates. Plates stacks put on different ends of the table. Guests to independently take and fork and a plate.