Server selection

When choosing a server you should pay attention to the requirements that will apply to the computer. In accordance with the requirements posed by the system and will be determined by the cost of all the equipment. Poor selection of characteristics may cause unnecessary costs and improper machine operation that could lead to data loss and the fall of the network at the moment of peak load.

The power and type of processors, amount of memory and performance media largely determine the final cost of the equipment. Today one of the most productive and balanced in terms of cost of processors are Intel Xeon. Popular solutions for servers can be machines based on AMD Opteron processors. Most budget decisions presented by Intel Atom, Intel i3, i5 and i7. As for the RAM, by far the most productive and reliable straps are DDR3. The speed of recording data to storage media depend on the type of hard drive. So, budget devices use SATA technology, but more advanced devices run on SSD and SAS.

How much is it

Server machine for simple storage in your home or small office will cost about 9000-30000 R. the computer will have a processor of Intel i3 or i5 with two cores with a frequency of not higher than 3.3 GHz. The RAM will be equal to 2-4 GB of DDRIII. The capacity of the hard disk in this case will not exceed 250 GB in the cheapest models.
The servers will be more expensive to have up to 1 TB hard drive SATA III.

For more server users should purchase the car, the cost of which will begin from 30000 to 60000 R. this class of Device will have an Intel i5, i7 or Xeon E3 processor with a clock frequency of 3.1–3.5 GHz. At the price of 35000 p. you can buy a Quad core computer that will be used as mail server, proxy or Firewall. Models based on Xeon E3 can be applied for running, for example, 1C server for multiple users in a small office. The most expensive model in this segment is able to serve up to 15 connections.
The most expensive computers can be used as servers for video surveillance, data storage, run DBMS (data management system), etc.

Servers from 60000 rubles have class processors Xeon E3 or E5, as well as such support technologies read and write information as SAS. The amount of RAM in these computers may be 12 GB. The device will be able to serve more than 20 users.