The principle of operation

To authenticate, the user is prompted to enter a combination of certain data, such as username and password used for the account. The required information is entered by the visitor in an HTML form. After clicking the confirmation button of the input authentication software sends the specified data to the server for comparison with the available database records. If stored on site, the combination coincides with the entered information, is redirecting the user to a restricted part of the website. In case of discrepancy of data entered, the visitor is invited to authorize again.

The authentication procedure is carried out to provide the user with certain rights, which do not have unauthorized guests. After successful login the user can access the personal account, which will have the opportunity to change your account information and to perform additional settings and operations. For example, after being authenticated, the user receives the right to correspond and to produce publications on their behalf.

Authentication methods

To gain access to the closed part of the Internet service may be used various authentication methods that are selected in accordance with security requirements.

Some resources propose to authorize with the use of automatically generated one-time password that is sent to the user when prompted. Numeric or text combination for login is sent via SMS or via e-mail. Sometimes one-time passwords are generated by the eToken.

In systems requiring higher level of security, is often used in a biometric authorization application scanning the iris or palm print. In some cases, the technology of automatic examination of the handwriting or voice of the user. Also, there are some applications that allow you to log in for human DNA.

The authentication process the Internet is used for resources such as web forums, blogs, social networks. Authorization using various methods is carried out in payment systems, Internet banking, online stores and some corporate resources. Depending on the degree of protection of the site and the importance of the information on it can be implemented various methods of obtaining access.