The meaning of the word

The term "verification" is used in the field of science and defined as a way to establish the truth or falsity of certain theoretical data. In research work the verification of a certain type of knowledge is carried out by matching the theoretical information obtained through practice options which are standard and valid.

In the production of various goods, the verification procedure used to determine compliance of the product obtained certain requirements, which are regarded as fundamental and recorded in specific documents, specifications, or regulations.

Verification in IT

The verification procedure in the sphere of information technologies is used to verify user-specified information. As a rule, the operation is performed after specifying a user of important data, for example, when remote registration in the payment system or when applying for remote work when the user is required to provide electronic copies of these documents. Verification helps protect large Internet resources from fraud, which can jeopardize the security of safety information.

In the process of verification of staff, which verifies the registration data of the user, compares the user data with the available documents. If necessary, this information can be verified by a separate service that runs with the company.


The verification procedure can be automated. For example, when registering on a particular resource, the user may be sent a message to the specified email box. Clicking on the automatically generated link, the visitor gets access to the resource, confirming that e-mail is real. Verification can also be a system of sending SMS-messages automatically generated by the system code, which must be made in a special form. Operation allows you to determine whether this telephone number in the possession of the user and whether it is correct.

Verification policy applies to the operation of the software. For example, programs for recording data on the information carrier have the option of checking the quality of the recorded material and its comparison with the original data stored on the computer. If violations are found, the program will check the damaged disk and request for a work re-entry or display a message about the need to install other data carriers.