Wrist watches have long been a necessity and a fashion accessory, the last chord of the image of a business person, capital dandy or athlete. Of course, the banker or officer will not to save on such a statutory subject, and will give preference to luxury and premium brands. But if you choose a watch for a teenager, elite brands to anything, fairly inexpensive high-quality watches.

Mechanical or electronic watch?

Design of a mechanical watch is known for a lot of years and practically has not changed. This device requires daily winding and wearing for at least 8 hours a day. Although they are very durable, eliminating accidental breakages are time consuming and costly. This accessory is injurious dust and humidity, and the accuracy of their leads. Despite these limitations, the most expensive and prestigious watch — mechanical hand-built.

Quartz looks similar to mechanical, but in fact, their mechanism is driven by a battery. This improved design increases precision and eliminates the need to wound the unit. Among quartz watches meet a budget model, and stylish accessories for the middle class.

Finally, the modern clock — electronic. Their display is backlit, and can be integrated with additional functions (alarm, stopwatch, tachymeter, calendar, indicators of date and day of the week). Such a device is not affected by the weather and atmospheric pressure, and the mechanism is placed in a waterproof housing. Among digital watches are specimens with a classic dial and digital time display.

Materials for good hours

When selecting the hours, it is important to consider the material from which made the case and bracelet. Some metals, for example aluminium, Nickel and their alloys can cause allergies and skin irritation. In addition, aluminum is soft, impractical, oxidized, leaves the hand traces. If you are looking for a metal watch, look at the products from surgical steel. Titanium is considered the most prestigious.

Some manufacturers cover the hull plating, so you need to pay attention to its quality and the technology on which it is applied. Not looking for cheap glamour: gold plated like the real and the fake will wear off in a couple of weeks. On the other hand, mark PVD, or IPG on the case will show that the coating will last as long as possible.

As the material of the strap is a good watch used leather. Note how the strap is elastic, durable and pleasant to the touch, no external marriage. As for safety glasses, cheaper models, trim plastic, and expensive crystal or sapphire.

Choose a manufacturer

Experience shows that when searching for a low-cost hours should not rely on counterfeiting of luxury brands: first, the fake looks funny and discreditied your image, and secondly, no different quality. But you should look for a reliable quartz watch Japanese and Swiss-made: Casio, Sitizen, Orient. These watches feature automatic movement, are waterproof, have a classic style and high quality.