Selection criteria good watches

In order not to get lost in a huge variety of different styles, shapes and colors of watches presented on the shelves of shops, pay attention only to those models best suited to the clothes you most often wear. The best option would be universal wrist watches that will complement as a strict business suit and a loose, casual look. Greatly facilitates the selection of watches to use them, for example, exclusively during sports training or as an accessory for evening dress.
Unlike mechanical watches, the dial with hands in quartz models can be replaced by a digital display.

When selecting movement watches rely on their own preferences. The main advantage of mechanical models is the combination of such qualities as beauty, originality and prestige, the advantage of quartz watches is undoubtedly their high accuracy.

Modern watches, in addition to its main function, can have such useful options like calendar, stopwatch, timer, backlight display and even the definition of time in different parts of the world. Sailing enthusiasts should look to waterproof devices, and fans of active recreation – to high-impact models. If you are regularly late for school or work, feel free to choose a wrist watch with alarm.

To choose a wrist watch strap or to give preference to the device on the bracelet, only you can decide. The strap can be made of various materials, the most popular of which are natural and artificial leather, rubber, silicone, plastic. Bracelets for watches often made from stainless steel, hypoallergenic titanium and other metals.
Adjustment of the size of a wristwatch with bracelet is made by attaching the missing or removing unnecessary links.

As for the popularity of the brand of wrist watch, here plays an important role in the society. If your social status requires you to use expensive clothes and accessories, choose a wrist watch such hyped in our country brands like Casio, Swatch and Tissot. If expensive and well-known brand is not important to you, choose the most beautiful, original and comfortable wristwatch.

Wrist watch: men's and women's

To solve the problem of the choice of a wrist watch depending on the sex of their future owner is not difficult. For men the ideal option would be wrist watches round, square or rectangular shape, made in business, sport or casual style, painted black or with a fascinating metallic Shine.

Variety of different shapes and colors of women's clothing is huge, so choose the most original and suitable to a particular outfit model of the big work will not make. The main thing when choosing women's watches – the right size. Bulky device on the handle of the miniature will look very absurd, and also too small a watch will considerably increase in the volume of the hand of the owner of a very large body.