Create an account

Go to the device menu in "Settings". In the section "Accounts" click "Add account" - "your Google Account". You will see a menu where you are prompted to use an existing Google account or create a new account. Click "Create".

Enter the name, surname and desired nick that you will use your username and password to log on to the Gmail service, as well as a name for future e-mail box. Click "Next" and specify the desired password. It is important that the combination of letters and numbers was longer than 8 characters. Inventing a password, confirm it in the "Confirm password". Also, you may be prompted to select a secret question, which will help with restoring access to your account in case of loss of data. Optionally, you can specify which e-mail box, which if anything will come all the necessary information to use the account.

After entering the required information, select synchronization settings (sync contacts or email account, your phone) and click "finish". Account creation is completed. You can use your new account to download apps to your Android device.

Installing applications

Go to the store Play store. If you first run the program on your Android device, accept the terms of use and click "Next". You will see a list of categories in which you can find need to download the program. You can also search for the app name. Function is available in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the desired program is found, click "Install" and then "Accept" to allow the download.

Once the installation is complete, the application shortcut will appear in the main menu of the device and on the desktop. If you want to view a list of all installed programs, go to Play store and click on the context menu item "My apps", which will appear after pressing the appropriate menu button on the screen or the bottom of the phone.

If you want to purchase a paid app in the Play store, after clicking the button, the installation program will prompt you to bind an existing Bank card. To make a payment, enter the details in corresponding fields and then confirm the transaction. If the payment will be made, starts installing, after which you will be able to make it to run.