You will need
  • - knowledge of the publishing process.
Register on the iPhone Developer Program. If you are registering as a natural person, the information about the app will appear with your name. If you are registering as a legal entity, it will include the name of the company.
After registration you can apply for obtaining your iPhone Distribution Certificate. Getting a developer certificate, you need to prepare and download your iPhone Distribution Provisioning Profile. After registration you will be available detailed instructions on how to properly fill out all documents.
Prepare the application for sale. For this purpose it is necessary to compile, then verify the correctness of the compilation by using the Distribution build. After that, you can publish your app in the AppStore using your account. The cost of publication for individuals 99$ for legal 299$.
When you publish, select the name of the application (no more than 20 characters), set design: the two icons (small 57×57px and a large 512×512px, formats .jpg or .tiff) and three screenshot (320×460, 480×300, 320×480).
Send an application. For one or more weeks you will receive a response. If done correctly, your app will be published in the AppStore.
To place an app in the Android Market is much easier and cheaper. Sign up in Android Market (Google Play). Then go to Google Play Developer Console, log in to your account and click the "Download the app". Select the program file (with the extension .apk) and click the "Download" button. Your application will be immediately checked for compliance with the requirements, and then click "Save".
After saving you will get his page in the system where necessary to describe the application. Description, press "Save" and "Publish". Your app will appear in the Android Market.