For the registration you need to visit the Google home page. On the main page see the following.

In the upper right corner click on the "Log in" and proceed to the next page.

On this page, at the bottom of the screen click on the button "Create account".

On the next page, we see a lot of fields to fill in.

You need to specify the name and the surname, to come up with a unique nickname. This nickname will be used as email addresses. Create a password at least 8 characters long. It is desirable that it is consisted of upper and lower case letters and include numbers, so it will be harder to hack the account. Specify the date of birth, gender and mobile phone on request. A cell phone is needed to restore access to your account, for example, if you forget the password, the cell phone will receive an SMS with the data for recovery.

Further, if you have another mailbox, it is also possible to specify it will be as an additional, will serve to restore access to your google account.

Next is the Main default page, you can tick if you want to make the main page The main page is the page that appears in the browser window immediately after its launch.

Next you need to enter a verification code, is a protection against auto-enrollment programs. Choose a country, read the conditions and tick the box next to "I accept the Terms of use and click next.

On the next page click "Create profile".

This is pressed we create a google+ profile. This profile is needed to access all google services, such as youtube, play market, google map etc.

Next, open a page with congratulations!