If the appetite is gone suddenly, the cause may be disease. Loss of appetite accompanied by viral infections, worm infestation, diseases of the oral cavity. Measure the temperature, inspect the throat of the child and not force him to eat if he really is sick. Food refusal can also be caused by experienced stress – trouble at school or in kindergarten, fright, changing a habitual situation. Children sometimes temporarily lose their appetite at the beginning of the visit to the school or kindergarten, for sensitive kids enough of the presence of arguing parents or watching a Thriller on TV, so for a day or two to lose interest in food. Gently find out what upset or scared child, and try to calm him down.

Carefully read the menu of the child – maybe you only think he's not eating. Snacks juice and fruit, half-eaten burgers, a few spoonfuls of soup – all of it is several full meals.

The child may not like the offered food, or one of the ingredients – it happens that the child, for example, refuses to eat salad with sour cream, chopped vegetables, without any additives, eating with remarkable appetite. Sometimes children alarming unusual sight or smell of food, too large portions, noisy distracting environment in the place of a meal.

The simplest reason, which is usually overlooked concerned parents – the baby does not eat because not hungry. He could not manage to get hungry since the last meal, spend enough energy again to want to eat, or to get involved in the game and forget about the hunger.

You can't force a child to eat, to blackmail, to threaten: "don't eat the soup, do not go to the circus (not let to walk, get a toy)!". Not the best option and the cast of the view during the meal, persuasion, bribery. Food should not be associated neither with experience nor with the psychological pressure.

For lunch or dinner, turn off the TV, put away toys and books – let the child to distract.
Do not offer your child plenty of food to choose from, do not replace a complete meal with fruit or biscuits. If children refuse to eat, hoping that instead of the soup mom would give is not very useful, but tasty sausages or sweets, give them to understand that this will not happen.

If the child refuses to eat, don't insist – remove the plate, allow it to leave the table and ask to eat in an hour or do not offer, until the child asks for food himself.

Kids interested in food, laying on a plate of porridge in the form of funny faces by decorating dishes of chopped vegetables or fruit. It is important not to abuse such decorations, otherwise the child may refuse to eat it too, in his opinion, boring-looking dishes. Older children can be involved in the process of cooking food – be prepared that at first the mess in the kitchen will be more, but there is prepared your own salad or pancakes kids will love to.