The baby is actively or passively of any age can participate in the preparation of the gift for dad. Here are a few ideas of what to give for father's Day:

1. Postcard or painting with imprints of the hands and feet of the child. Spread the palm or foot of the baby finger paints, and attach a sheet of paper. If you want to make a card, fold a sheet of paper in half and make a mark on the outside, and inside write the kind words on behalf of your child. For example: "dearest daddy, you're changing my diapers." To create a picture you can attach the arms and legs of the child to the paper or cardboard several times to get a certain composition.

2. Clothing. The easiest way to find in the stores the same Polo or t-shirts for dad and son. If you have a daughter, buy clothes with neutral colors (e.g., green).

3. Fotoprint. Baby pictures or baby daddy can be put on a t-shirt, mug, calendar, pen or magnet. Also for the selected item, in addition to pictures to put cute or funny inscription on the Pope.

4. Collage. From your favorite photos you can create photo collage and get it framed. Also interesting video about dad and baby easy to make a movie, put the appropriate music and text.