The easiest way to remove empty rows from the table to do the sorting of columns. To do this, select the range in which there is a table. To cause the toolbar "Home/Sort and Filter/Sort smallest to largest". At the beginning of the table appears with empty rows. They can highlight and remove.

When you apply a sort there is a danger that the data cells can jump to another line, so be sure to put the marker in the dialog box, on the position of the automatic range. In this case, sorting will occur line by line.

Use filter

To detect empty cells it is possible to use the filter. To set a filter, select the column and call on the toolbar in the "Data/Filter". Then filter the values in column a by selecting position in the filter with empty cells. The table now displays only blank cells you want to delete.

The use of highlighting a group of cells

Another standard method is the selection of groups of cells. To do this, select the selection tool on the toolbar "Main/Find & select/select all cells. You should receive a dialog box in which it is necessary to note the allocation of empty cells. Next, choose the menu "Home/Cells/Delete. All blank cells are deleted.

If the line, in addition to empty cells, see blank, in Excel 2007, a message will appear on the non-applicability of the delete command for overlapping ranges.

The use of macros and add-ins

To solve remove empty rows from the table you can use a specially created for this purpose, a macro or add-in. A macro is a procedure written in the programming language VBA. Use of macro to run in Excel 2007 sequence of any action. Macro to delete blank rows you can write your own, or download on the Internet ready. You can also find on the Internet and use a ready-made set of macros is an add-in that implements the search function, and delete empty lines.