Sorokadevjatiletnego Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman is considered one of the smartest people in the world, received a well-deserved reward for the solution of the so-called in the scientific community of the Poincare conjecture - a complex mathematical problem, the solution of which he, incidentally, is easily posted on the Internet. The task dedicated to finding evidence that a three-dimensional space, not having the holes has the shape of a sphere, stretched in space.
This hundred-year mystery is finding the shape of the universe, the proof that our Earth is round.

Mystery in 3D

According to the mankind's view of three-dimensional spheres in close proximity, they are no different from the three-dimensional spaces, the so-called three-dimensional manifolds, which are found in nature in great variety. The French mathematician Poincare voiced the theory that is associated with the fact that in the presence of a certain number of properties can be accurately argued that the three-dimensional manifold is nothing like sphere.

A brilliant failure

The hypothesis Testoni, a special case of which is the stated problem, was proposed in 1904. In 2006, Genius Perelman was awarded the fields medal, and in 2010 "Award of the Millennium", which happily refused, saying that the fact such achievements is the greatest reward in his life. The evidence which was provided by the Gregory, was carefully reviewed by leading experts in the field of topology, which unanimously came to the conclusion about their absolute correctness.

Interestingly, one of the greatest mathematicians lives pretty modest and does not differ from ordinary people ordinary panel nine-Cupcini area, except that not quite well-groomed curly beard and a special view of the universe.
Prize the fields medal - the highest international award in mathematics, it is given to one scientist every 4 years. Accompanied by a distinction - the gold medal.

Today about Grigory Perelman, write books and even paintings, it's a great recluse forever been the object of much gossip and discussion among members of the scientific community as the man who didn't take a million dollars just because I didn't want to "all the people stared, like an animal in the zoo", and considering that life and work personality "does not need the money and glory, only peace and solitude".

However, Gregory was not always a recluse, he worked in leading universities in the United States and Russia, even gave lectures, but today he lives with his mother and does not communicate even with neighbours.