The power of attorney to sell a car written by hand and given to the principal representative, i.e. the person who will implement the vehicle.
Be sure to specify in the text of the document, that is, a power of attorney where it was made (city), date of writing or signing the power of attorney, and period of validity. If the date is not affixed, the power of attorney is not a legal document and by law is null and void. The validity period can be more than 3 years, and if it is not specified, it is considered equal to one year.
Write in power of attorney names (surname, name, patronymic) representative of the present and, necessarily, as well as their place of residence and passport details. Check whether the assignment specified in the instrument of authority.
The power of attorney should be listed the main characteristics of the vehicle. Specify: stamp (type); state registration number; identification number VIN; year of manufacture; engine and body; the color of the car; the series, number, date of issue title and registration document, as well as the name of the organization which they were issued.
Describe the rights of a representative: car sale, receive for it money, removing it from the register in traffic police, replacement of numbers, issuance of duplicate documents for vehicle registration.
Remind the representative that the power of attorney ceases to have effect at the expiration of its term, the abolition of it by the principal, in case of failure, she was discharged from his duties or at his death (as with the death of the settlor). The power of attorney can be cancelled at any time – it is the right of the principal. But legally, she ceases to act at a time when the representative got (had to get) the news of the termination of the document. To cancel the power of attorney can, by sending the notice by post, Fax or email.