Most often, pregnant brides are in the early-to mid-term. This means that the child is still not too big to cause discomfort to his mother. However, when organizing a bachelorette party be sure to include the ability to relax the bride.

Where to hold a bachelorette party

Best place for bachelorette party pregnant bride will be her home. Here you can comfortably sit, eat and even lay down if desired. Some pregnant women face the problem of frequent urination in the toilet. Freedom at home will be nobody.

Those who do not want to sit at home, you can choose a cafe or restaurant. When ordering tables, choose non-Smoking room, and preferably somewhere in a secluded place. Well, if the seats are plush sofas and on the wall near the air conditioner.

If weather conditions permit and as a pregnant bride, go for a walk in the Park or on the shore of the pond. The fresh air will benefit both mom and baby. Buy ice cream, balloons, or grab a picnic basket. Don't forget the sunscreen.

You can arrange a bachelorette party in the SPA-salon. It is necessary to abandon treatments with high temperatures (sauna, steam bath, barrel, etc.), but a relaxing massage or pedicure with a manicure is fine.

How to spend a bachelorette party

If you do not organize a bachelorette party in a cafe or restaurant, take care of food and beverages. Do not experiment with new dishes, let them be time-tested recipes.

Keep in mind that pregnant women can not large number of citrus, red fruits and berries, so as not to trigger allergies. Ask what the bride wants. Pregnancy or mild morning sickness may cause a change in tastes. Not to seduce the mother, it is better to completely give up alcohol. Make milkshakes or fresh juices. Look for recipes non-alcoholic cocktails in magazines or on the Internet.

For a bachelorette party at home collect and arrange the show. Keep in mind that pregnancy often makes girls sentimental. To avoid tears, choose a Comedy or womens classics like "Sex in the city".

Wherever you went on the bachelorette party, be sure to take your camera with you. As a surprise for the bride to order a small photo shoot with a professional photographer. Consider the outfits for all the girls or make General accessories such as colorful bracelets.

Organizing contests and sweepstakes, avoid too active movements, heavy objects, props and the element of surprise, such as sudden loud cry. It may scare the mother or the baby.