Advice 1: How to hold a bachelorette party for pregnant bride

The bride being pregnant, no matter what time it was – it's not a reason to abandon the bachelorette partyand before the wedding. If you carefully consider the event, it will not hurt the baby and the mother.
How to hold a bachelorette party for pregnant bride
Most often, pregnant brides are in the early-to mid-term. This means that the child is still not too big to cause discomfort to his mother. However, when organizing a bachelorette party be sure to include the ability to relax the bride.

Where to hold a bachelorette party

Best place for bachelorette party pregnant bride will be her home. Here you can comfortably sit, eat and even lay down if desired. Some pregnant women face the problem of frequent urination in the toilet. Freedom at home will be nobody.

Those who do not want to sit at home, you can choose a cafe or restaurant. When ordering tables, choose non-Smoking room, and preferably somewhere in a secluded place. Well, if the seats are plush sofas and on the wall near the air conditioner.

If weather conditions permit and as a pregnant bride, go for a walk in the Park or on the shore of the pond. The fresh air will benefit both mom and baby. Buy ice cream, balloons, or grab a picnic basket. Don't forget the sunscreen.

You can arrange a bachelorette party in the SPA-salon. It is necessary to abandon treatments with high temperatures (sauna, steam bath, barrel, etc.), but a relaxing massage or pedicure with a manicure is fine.

How to spend a bachelorette party

If you do not organize a bachelorette party in a cafe or restaurant, take care of food and beverages. Do not experiment with new dishes, let them be time-tested recipes.

Keep in mind that pregnant women can not large number of citrus, red fruits and berries, so as not to trigger allergies. Ask what the bride wants. Pregnancy or mild morning sickness may cause a change in tastes. Not to seduce the mother, it is better to completely give up alcohol. Make milkshakes or fresh juices. Look for recipes non-alcoholic cocktails in magazines or on the Internet.

For a bachelorette party at home collect and arrange the show. Keep in mind that pregnancy often makes girls sentimental. To avoid tears, choose a Comedy or womens classics like "Sex in the city".

Wherever you went on the bachelorette party, be sure to take your camera with you. As a surprise for the bride to order a small photo shoot with a professional photographer. Consider the outfits for all the girls or make General accessories such as colorful bracelets.

Organizing contests and sweepstakes, avoid too active movements, heavy objects, props and the element of surprise, such as sudden loud cry. It may scare the mother or the baby.

Advice 2: Where better to hold a photo shoot?

Photography is the perfect way to preserve the most precious moments in life. Choosing the venue of the photo shoot, you need to consider several factors such as time of year, time of day, weather and even the mood.
Where better to hold a photo shoot?

Naked on the street

Photo shoot on the street – the most successful. Natural light is best for pictures, they are alive, vividly convey the mood and emotions. Planning a photoshoot, try to choose unusual places. The beauty and romance perfectly set off the scenery of fields and gentle colours of the setting sun. Mysterious images can be done in a dense forest, and light a fun photo in a marine style work out on the beach, the promenade and even on the boat.
Making pictures with the flash, try to perform them in close proximity to at least one light source.

When choosing a place for a photo shoot, avoid the ugly background in the frame. Plastic panels shopping centers or tile surface of the houses look poorly. Choose a place where a lot of space. If the shooting takes place in an urban area, try to get a shot of the continuation of the street, showing a landscape of buildings in the future. Walking around the city, try to pay attention to the old alleys and unusual surfaces, and open new locations.


Spring is a beautiful time of year, and can be beneficial to show it in the pictures. Spring scenery background is better to choose as far as possible from the city, for example, a very fresh and unusual and will look to young leaves or the melting of the ice on the river.

If the photo shoot is scheduled in the city, you can bet on the streets, filled with bright spring sun, and patches of dry asphalt among the puddles. For this you can go to main street or a large area. Beautiful spring landscapes are perfect for romantic photoshoots.
To show movement in the background of the picture, turn on the camera slow shutter.

Autumn is the season of decay, but not in the pictures! Beautiful bright foliage in combination with the cloudy sky looks very interesting in photographs. Street – the perfect place for a photo shoot at this time of year. Stroll along tree-lined boulevards, then we can capture the beautiful play of light through the trees.

For fresh winter photos in the best traditions go for a walk in the woods. White snow and the trees create a festive atmosphere. Perfect weather for a winter photo shoot – Sunny day or snow without wind.

Summer is the best time of the year due to the long daylight hours. The promenade, beach and pier are great places for shooting. Windy near the water, and the clothes will be beautiful flutter in the frame. In addition, the solar reflections on the water look great in the pictures.

Advice 3: How to open a clothing store for pregnant women

Shapeless robes in the wardrobe of pregnant women are gradually being replaced by elegant suits and dresses. Niche in sales of products for moms-to-be gradually filled in, but you still have the opportunity to open this lucrative business. Register your company officially and start working.
How to open a clothing store for pregnant women
Pick a room for store. When choosing guided by the price category of the goods. For sale clothes economy class and medium-level best to locate the store next to the clinic and close to public transport. Relying on customers with a high income, try to find a place in the center so it was easy to reach from any district of the city.
Find suppliers of the products. The easiest way to do this via the Internet. There are many websites that collects and classifies such information. Compare the price categories in various positions, review the terms and conditions of delivery and payment. Ask around friends, maybe they know of a company engaged in wholesale sales of products for pregnant women.
Purchase business equipment and complete shop. Purchase mannequins to demonstrate the clothing and full-length mirrors. Install a convenient and spacious changing rooms. Don't forget that pregnant women get tired quickly, so you need to arrange a place for them to rest. Remember that shopping with a future mother often go to men, they need to organize the waiting area.
Purchase a product. The attractiveness of a store for pregnant women is that they can purchase many things in one place. Take care about the convenience of its customers. In addition to clothing, you need to buy personal care items, cosmetics for pregnant women, bandages. Subscribe to a periodical publication for moms-to-be and themed books.
If space allows, organize a kind of club for pregnant mothers. It will attract new, loyal customers. Good help in the promotion of business will be to have an onlinestore. Thus, your services will benefit the residents of other cities.
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