Do I need to notarize the lease

A lease residential purpose relates to real estate transactions, therefore it can be concluded in a simple written form. The legislation in this case provides notarization only for such types of contracts as annuity contracts, life-long maintenance of a dependent marriage. Rental agreement this list does not, but if by law it is not provided, the parties shall be entitled to act at its discretion and can assure the contract by a notary.

Professionals working in the real estate market, after all, suggest to the parties to assure the lease of premises in cases when the apartment is rented with subsequent repairs when the contract is for several years or when the lessor is established advance payment for the premises in the amount of several monthly payments.

When the contract is concluded

In accordance with article 425 of the civil code, the contract concluded in a simple written form comes into force after its signing by both parties, that is, from the moment of its conclusion. But for leases concluded for a period of not less than 1 year, the condition of the entry into force is a state registration. Such treaties come into force only from the moment of registration in the organs rosreestra.
Check can order and pay for one of the parties involved in the transaction.

For registration in the territorial Department of Rosreestr you need to submit the documents. It will include 3 copies of the lease agreement, and one which will remain in the registered body, certificate of incorporation, proving the registration of the legal entity on the account in tax authorities and submit it to the State registry. In addition, you'll need a copy of the order on appointment of the head of the company, duly stamped and signed by the Director.
If rent is not all housing, but only part of it, in the cadastral passport needs to be specified leased (rented) area.

You also need to attach a copy of the payment document confirming that the state fee you paid. It must be paid from the settlement account of the lessee company. An application for the registration you complete along with an inspector-Registrar, when you hand over the documents.