Forms of contracts of tenancy

Eat dwelling may be in the form of a lease agreement or contract of employment. In the first case, the head 34 of the Civil Code, in the second Chapter 35. In the case of a lease the owner-lessor provides for a fee to the lessee the property for temporary possession and use or only for temporary use. If we are talking about hiring, according to paragraph 1 of article 671 of the civil code, the landlord for a fee provides the tenant housing under its ownership, possession and use for residing in it.

If renting an apartment is a legal entity, in this case, can only be entered into the rental agreement, the apartment will have only one purpose - accommodation, the individual enters into a contract of employment. When the flat wants to rent a legal entity, the leases are in the majority of cases, but when the employer is an ordinary citizen, written orders are issued correctly in very rare cases.
It is not necessary to refuse the lease contract in the case when the owners of the rented apartments are your friends or relatives. In the future this may help to avoid trouble.

How to create and sign a contract of employment

The tenancy agreement does not require notarization, but if you may need to have legal power to issue it must carefully. First, name the document "residential lease", and secondly, clearly specify such conditions as the prescribed amount of payment, terms of its payment and the methods of transfer of funds.

Keep in mind, if the contract will be signed in the presence of a notary, the transaction will be safer because it will check the title documents of the owner of the apartment and how alone he is entitled to dispose of it.
Paying rent to the owner in the hands, be sure to take with him a receipt in receiving not just some amount, namely, a regular monthly payment in full.

The amount of payment determined by agreement of the parties, the contract should include a clause that it cannot be changed unilaterally. In the case where no agreed term of payment, it should be done every month. The term of the contract, if it is not specified in this document shall be equal to 5 years. The conclusion of such contract is beneficial both to landlord and tenant executed properly, it is a legal document that protects the rights of both.