The main advantages of this business:

  • basic expenses – for the purchase of a machine for the production of cotton candy ( about 30 thousand rubles)
  • a small shopping area (3 sqm) and a network connection 220 V
  • the ability to change places of Commerce (the equipment is light and compact enough)
  • the return on your investment on the 3rd week on the job


For the production of cotton uses a special apparatus. On the market there are many of them. Prices vary depending on performance. For example, the unit cost up to 20 thousand rubles produce 1-3 kg of cotton per hour. The apparatus 60 thousand rubles and more produces 8 kg per hour. But for starters, you can buy a semi-Pro, the more expensive machines get to the big cities with good traffic outlets.


The process is very simple and learn it everyone can. Many of you had to see it happen. In a special bowl filled with the sugar, then the sugar begins to melt, under the action of centrifugal force produces air fiber, and the employee of the retail outlet drives a stick to get the sugar com. To give a brighter flavor and color in the apparatus is filled with a color dye, and snowball gets a taste of Apple, melon, raspberry and other berries and fruits.

Business registration

In order to be the full owner of cotton candy, you need to issue individual entrepreneurship. To do this, go to the tax office at the place of residence and fill in all the necessary forms.

As a rule, all businesses pay taxes. Not to get away from this procedure and you. As the area of your point of sale only 3 sq. m., then the most suitable option for you would be a single tax on imputed income. It is quite small. The transition to this form of tax is made within 5 days from the date of registration of individual entrepreneur.


For a start you can sell cotton candy, and you do not need additional costs of hired labor sellers. But keep in mind that you definitely need to have a medical record with the completed medical examination necessary for the food retailers. Ask for it in the future and with their employees. This is the first thing you will be asked by the police or CPS.